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Our mission is to offer high quality HVAC tools tailored for trade students at affordable prices. With over 30 years of extensive experience in the HVAC industry, encompassing installation, servicing, and sales across residential, commercial, industrial, and wholesale sectors, we understand the unique needs of aspiring HVAC professionals.

Having served as trade college instructors, we recognized a gap in the availability and accessibility of quality entry-level tools for students. Leveraging our industry connections, we streamline the process for students to acquire essential HVAC tools efficiently. We have encountered challenges such as limited tool stock at wholesalers, resulting in extended waiting times of up to 2 weeks for students to receive their tools. Additionally, some suppliers lacked a student-friendly approach.

To address these issues, Greenwood Tool Supply was established in the Summer of 2020. Our focus is on providing HVAC tools through reputable training institutions like HiMark Occupational Skills Training Centre, collaborating with career colleges to ensure seamless access to high-quality tools for trade students. Discover an improved way to equip yourself with essential HVAC tools through Greenwood Tool Supply.