Wireless Smartphone Manometer and Probe Kit Combo


The SPM-K1 is a compact, portable, wireless dual-port manometer kit. When paired to a smart device running the CPS Link™ app, the SPM-K1 can measure and record static pres­sure, pressure differential, indoor/ outdoor pres­sure, system external static pressure, and gas pressure tests inside or outside residential and commercial buildings.

The SPM-K1 consists of the following components (packed together as a kit):
SPM-100 (Dual Port Static Pressure Meter)
PRB-KIT (Static Pressure Probe Kit and brass
gas fitting)

The app generates professional reports which can be viewed and stored on a smart device running the CPS Link™ app. Reports can also be e-mailed to clients, a home office or others.


On-screen guidance to accurately measure and record 5 different pressure tests
Onscreen guidance for easy, accurate readings
Durable, rubber encased manometer housing with magnetic back for hands-free operation
Send professional detailed reports generated by the app to validate work performed
Store client lists, job lists, logged data


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